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W H Auden, Poet and Author

George MacDonald... in his power to project his inner life into images, beings, landscapes which are valid for all, is one of the most remarkable writers of the nineteenth century.

Madeleine L'Engle, Author

"George MacDonald gives me renewed strength during times of trouble--times when I have seen people tempted to deny God--when he says, 'The Son of God suffered unto death, not that men might not suffer, but that their sufferings might be like his'". Walking on Water, Reflections on Faith and Art

In the second quote she is writing about a trip to a writer's conference where she was a speaker, and sharing a quote from MacDonald with another participant.

"I had a similar quotation... written about a hundred years earlier, by George MacDonald, Congregational parson and writer of superb fantasy for both children and adults. I had taken with me to Ohio a small collection of extracts from MacDonald, compiled by C. S. Lewis, and read the following quotation one morning before breakfast, and wrote in my journal that it was vitally important for me to remember it during the two Writer in Residence weeks: "Am I going to do a good deed? Then, of all times,--Father, into thy hands: lest the enemy should have me now."...George MacDonald implies that as long as we put ourselves in God's hands, then maybe something good can happen, not because of us, be because he helps... I've just remembered another quotation: this one's from the Psalms. Whenever I'm going to teach a class or give a speech, I always think of it, and hold onto it: Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy Name give the praise; for thy loving mercy, and for thy truth's sake.' A Circle of Quiet

Elizabeth Elliot, Author and Missionary

"George MacDonald said, 'If you knew what God knows about death you would clap your listless hands', but instead I find old people in North America just buying this whole youth obsession…. I think growing older is a wonderful privilege. I want to learn to glorify God in every stage of my life." May 1991
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