Michael Phillips edited versions of the novels

For many the edited versions of George MacDonald's novels produced by Michael Phillips for Today's Reader (published in the United States by Bethany House) were their first introduction to the novels. Having read them it is natural to then want to read the unabridged texts as originaly published. However, confusion can easily arise because of the different titles used in Phillip's edited editions.

Set out below is a key to the various titles, George MacDonald's original titles are in brackets.

  • The Fisherman's Lady (Malcolm)
  • The Marquis' Secret (The Marquis of Lossie)
  • The Baronet's Song (Sir Gibbie)
  • The Shepherd's Castle (Donal Grant)
  • The Tutor's First Love (David Elginbrod)
  • The Musician's Quest (Robert Falconer)
  • The Maiden's Bequest (Alec Forbes of Howglen)
  • The Curate's Awakening (Thomas Wingfold)
  • The Lady's Confession (Paul Faber)
  • The Baron's Apprenticeship (There and Back)
  • A Daughter's Devotion (Mary Marston)
  • The Gentlewoman's Choice (Weighed and Wanting)
  • The Highlander's Last Song (What's Mine's Mine)
  • The Laird's Inheritance (Warlock O'Glenwarlock)
  • The Landlady's Master (The Elect Lady)
  • The Minister's Restoration (Salted With Fire)
  • The Peasant Girl's Dream (Heather and Snow)
  • The Poet's Homecoming (Home Again)
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